06 September 2011

Storyboard for Panado

This is pretty self explanatory :)

30 August 2011


Here is my print ad and box design for the Panado 2Strip pack. The print ad features the up and coming model/graphic designer Kim :)

More Diesel Africa

These are the bags that I designed with my Diesel Africa logo.

25 August 2011

Diesel Africa

I've been going to Graphic Design School since the begining of this year. Here is a project I did designing a logo and shopping bag for a new section of Diesel, Diesel Africa.

19 August 2010


Here are some of my attempts at illustration. What I would really love to do is be an illustrator for children's books. I just remember being a child and getting lost in the pictures I saw in books. They spurred my imagination and made me want to draw. So I would love to be able to do that for a living :) I also love the comic book aesthetic, which I explore here. I'm doing some more illustration work now, so hopefully my skills will improve and I'll have more to post! This stuff I did at the beginning of last year.

06 August 2010

Self portraiture

Here are some of my self portraits. I worked on self portraiture all last year and these were some of the best ones :)

26 July 2010

Doll Photography

Moving on to art school, I thought I'd begin with a project that I'm actually proud of from my art school days. Although I learned a lot in four years, I must admit that it was a bumpy road. This series, however is one of those rare occasions where not only did I enjoy making it and I liked the result, the, um, "educators" and other students really liked it as well.

Not only is the photography technically solid in this series, but the mood is also great and I love the subject matter. My concept was basically that I was using the doll as a stand in for myself in describing how I feel about my home (safe, secure, comfortable). But the series took on a life of it's own with an eerie mood, making some people quite uncomfortable. All in all I think this series was a success, and although I photographed dolls for the rest of the year, I was never able to recapture the emotional complexity of these pictures. Here's to a project well done!